Everything Is Enough Available For Entrepreneurs

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Entrepreneurs around the globe extensively complain about lack of “resources, things, opportunity, people, time” etc. which may help them to get success in their respective fields or ventures.

Why entrepreneurs have the above-mentioned complaint?

In this post, I am going to share some of the valuable insights over this matter. It will help you to move forward without any doubt or complaint.

My friend, we are living in the tech-era, where everything is changing very fast. We sleep at night with the present world. Next day wake with some huge turnarounds by some tech inventions etc.

Am I correct?


So, we generally waste our precious time to figure out the shortcuts for success! Which is a deadliest myth…

This “shortcut exploration” mindset, generally hide some big opportunities around entrepreneurs. When they lost those opportunities, they start complaining.

In my training sessions, I always make sure to aware (my ethical duty), my audience/trainees/interns about the “surrounded opportunities” which is easily available around every one of us!!!

There is a process to identify the opportunities around us. We need to understand the basics of ‘how to tap on these opportunities?’ and it will create a clear pathway for us to desired success!

It will also take down the “complaining-mindset”

How can we find the best opportunities around us?

It is hidden in 4simple steps/questions:

1. What? – Figure out “What is necessary for it? #easiest

2. When? – Figure out “When it available or right time?” #Tricky

3. Where? – Figure out the “where-factor”? #diamonds_are_rare

4. How? – Figure out “how” you can make it happen? #secretsauce

Everything Is Enough Available For Entrepreneurs
Let me explain to you these points with “Demand & Supply” example.

My friend if you are a commerce student or an entrepreneur/businessman. You can better understand the meaning of “Demand & supply”! Correct?

For the rest of the readers:
Demand: Demand is the quantity of a good that consumers are willing and able to purchase at various prices during a given period of time.

Supply: Supply is the amount of something that firms, producers, laborers, providers of financial assets, or other economic agents are willing and able to provide to the marketplace.

This simple formula is my “roadmap” and rewarding enough me in my all ventures!!! What is yours? What do you say about it? Comment below & share with those who don’t know how to start something…!!!

1. What? – Figure out “What is necessary for it?

Figuring out “WHAT”; is mandatory for your success. It is your “Demand” for your success! And fulfilling it or taking the necessary steps towards it, is “Supply”.
First of all, you have to figure out “What” you actually want? “What” satisfies you? “What” shakes you? “What” boils your blood?

Have you understood the point? My friend this is the easiest part of the process. You can take the help of an experienced person or mentor you trust the most around you. And spend time on your WHAT factor!

Note: 98% new entrants never know, why they are into their business!
Advice: Figure out WHAT do you exactly want. Must write it on a paper.

2. When? – Figure out “When it available or right time?”

My friend, you must understand that “success” is a time-bound affair. So, understanding “WHEN” is the right time to start, stop, move, diversify, re-structure, change, innovate, or exit; is an essential part of your success journey.
This is always a tricky part because you need experience for it.

E.g.: If any entrepreneur starts manufacturing of VCRs in 2018. Where YouTube, Hotstar, and Netflix (grabbing everything around). Our hero wants to make money out of it!

What do you say? Insane! Right? Wow… you are smart!

Is, there any demand for that product today? If not, how can he supply that obsolete product in the current market?


Note: Many new entrants always enter in the market with obsolete products or services! Watch out, buddy!

Advice: Be careful, and understand WHEN is the right time? Start practicing it now onward. You will soon start identifying correct WHEN.

Don’t jump into any business blindly by seeing ads on Facebook, YouTube, Newspapers etc.

3. Where? – Figure out the “where-factor”?

Hmmm, let me ask you a question? If you want raw pearls or diamonds, what you will do? You need to deep dive in the ocean or search/dig deep into coal mines and must try several times for success!
Am I correct?
Yippy, same as your success is not on your bed, chair, or into your comfort zone! It is somewhere else. Common get up, go and find… you must have to find it.

Note: On my “Catalystic Entrepreneurship Awareness Campaigns” programs. I faced this question thousands of times that where to start, where to go in life or where is my success?

Strange our youth is unaware of this basic rule! It is waiting out of your comfort zone buddy! Understand this…

Advice: Do all possible efforts for your success. In this internet lifestyle era, many of our young entrepreneurs hooked into the shiny lifestyle of the promoters. You must understand this, person, into that screen making all efforts to hook you around by traveling many places.

Where? Places, hotels etc. to lure you. You also have to go out, you can’t make it possible by sitting in your home only!

4. How? – Figure out “how” you can make it happen?

The fourth step is conceptually hard for 99.9% of people seeking success (but most easy)!

These guys are unaware of “How to start for their passion?” Nobody around them available to encourage them for their passion.

They are generally surrounded by inexperienced people or with those who don’t even know a single thing about it. But pretending like experts! What great destruction!

My friend, How? It is the most difficult step due to the lack of experienced people around you.

First of all, you need to find people, who can support your idea, nurture your dreams, guide you correctly, hold your hands in your journey, and stand with you in your hard times!

After that, start your journey! Take the first necessary step for it (this is the only secret sauce in the dish of your success). Isn’t it easy?
Actually, it is very easy but inexperienced people or accidental entrepreneurs out there are making it more confusing.

Note: I have met millions of young people across India and found that they all are afraid of failure! That is why they are more confused to start something.

Advice: Take the first step that’s it (how simple this is! Isn’t it?). Today you can walk, run, do squats etc.


Recall your first step (many times you must have fallen but kept trying) which enabled you and strengthened you for today!

My friend, Failure is nothing but a myth. Because we don’t understand the basics of entrepreneurship. We are generally fearsome of this myth.

An unsuccessful attempt encourages you to figure out more ways to achieve success. The only condition is ‘don’t get discouraged’ by any mean.

It is a simple reality. Don’t get confused. Hit it hard with all your strength.

Million Dollar Note: My friend, there is enough demand in the world, millions of people are in various problems. They are starving and waiting for you and your problem-solving inventions, ideas, products, services.
To fulfill their demand, everything is enough available under the sun! Figure it out and START!
Conclusion: If you have a passion for doing something great. First of all, figure out the answers to these above mentioned four questions!
Start simple, move forward slowly, get the experience and speed it up accordingly.

This simple formula is my “road-map” and rewarding enough me in my all ventures!!!

What is yours? What is your opinion about this post?

If you have any doubt or you want to ask something for your business or startup, feel free to ask in the comment section.

Also, share this post with those who don’t know how to start a business or startup…!!!

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