Hey Champion! I’m Rajiv

After visiting 12 states, devoting 12 years, spending 26,280+ hours at ground level researches / surveys and interacting with half a million people, I’ve understood the Challenges (Pain-points), Mindset, and the Behavior of our people and the Necessity of entrepreneurship in the various states of India.

Now, I am here to “Hold Your Hands” and “Guide” you to understand the secrets of entrepreneurship in the Indian context with practical training. Also “Mentor” you for Selecting, Starting, Scaling and Diversifying your offline or online ventures for the local, state and national growth?


Catalystic Entrepreneurship™

As Doctors are trained by Doctors, CAs are trained by CAs, Professionals are trained by respective professionals to maintain the integrity of that profession.

Likewise; Entrepreneurs must be trained by the “Entrepreneurs & Businessmen” to maintain the integrity of respective industry and commercial eco-system.

Our Nation – Our Responsibility™

“Unless we all get organised and put together our Skills, Capabilities, Capacities and Distinct Strengths for the overall development of India, the development of any Person, Community, Society, State and our country is impossible.” ~ Rajiv Chand
Together we must contribute to our Nation “India”


As an expert Strategic Faculty for Business and Startups in “entrepreneurship, planning, finance and projections” by Ministry of MSME (Government of India)

What Experts Say!


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