GST – International Scenario

GST was first introduced in France and now more than 150 countries have introduced GST. Most of the countries, depending on their own socio-economic formation, have introduced National level GST or Dual GST. India has Dual GST. We have discussed below key features of GST prevalent in some of the countries. United Kingdom Name: Value Added […]

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Supply Chain and GST

Supply Chain is back bone of any business and economy of a nation. If the supply chain is strong, economy automatically becomes strong. In this post, we will see how GST going to help and strengthen different areas of the supply chain of Indian economy. So, let’s begin… Warehouses – CST has been a major rationale […]

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Know All About The Rate(s) of GST

This (Rate) part of any tax liability is most searched and asked over the period of time so that people can plan accordingly. So friends, today we are going to know about rate(s) of GST in India. When GST Council announced rates after the 14th meeting held at Srinagar, Jammu & Kashmir on May 18, […]

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Ten Things You Must Know As An Entrepreneur About GST

In the previous post we had touched some basics of GST, let’s dive more into it and know few important things about GST. Must know these ten things about GST As an entrepreneur, awareness about the applicable taxes on your business is an essential part. Lack of knowledge can lead to huge mess around your […]

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GST in India

In this post, you will know about various factors associated with Indian GST. It will help you to understand it better. Structure: On July 01, 2017 India has implemented ‘dual GST’. In ‘dual GST’ regime, all the transactions of goods and services made for a consideration would attract two levies i.e. CGST (Central GST) and […]

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Five Steps to getting ready for GST

We all witnessed a historic decision from the Government on July 01, 2017. It is the biggest tax reform in India after Independence. Though, the Government was able to pass the 122nd Constitutional Amendment Bill, 2014 (GST Bill) in Lok Sabha and also in Rajya Sabha, so after long waiting finally, we have Goods and Services […]

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