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As Doctors are trained by Doctors, CAs are trained by CAs, Professionals are trained by respective professionals to maintain the integrity of that profession.

Same as; Entrepreneurs must be trained by the “Entrepreneurs & Businessmen” to maintain the integrity of respective industry and commercial eco-system.

Danger is at hand...

If we don’t come forward today, we will be in economical bondage & slavery within the next 5 years. For More Details Connect With Me:

A Painfull Reality

Whenever any person tries to steps out towards his/her dreams/passion then he/she face huge negativity. And this is the major reason which has buried the many talents of this nation. If you are also a talented person whose dreams and ideas are buried due to negativity, I am making this video only for you. watch till the end. Take the maximum advantage of it!!!


How to plan your day?

Entrepreneurs – Plan Your Day In Advance

Reading Time: 3 minutes Next Day Planning: In my previous post, I shared some insights on “Power of time” which leads to friendship with time. Here I will share, why we need to plan our day in advance? This post is a must-read for first-generation entrepreneurs, startup owners, students and your inner circle as well. My Special Friend look: […]

Power of time

Must Understand The Power Of TIME

Reading Time: 2 minutes Power of time. My friend, everyone in this world is well aware of, ‘How Power can dominate anything in the world?’ There are many kinds of powers and today we surrounded with it. Like; political power, corporation power, money power, muscle power, nuclear power etc.   But through this post, I want to share a powerful […]

‘Basics’ Are Life Saver For Entrepreneurs

Reading Time: 2 minutes Basics can save you if you understand the value of it. New entrants in any industry always ignore the basics and fall under the traps of self-disrespect, distress, discouragement and fatal #failure !!! Why So? What I observed is ‘they have different psychology and they always be in hurry mode!!!’ They want to achieve everything before its time […]

How To Conquer Your Comfort Zone? Part-I

Reading Time: 3 minutes Conquering Comfort Zone, First Step I have been repeatedly asked by every serious person, startup owners and aspiring entrepreneurs about the conquering comfort zone. This is one of my favorite subjects as well and I love to share one insight with you in this post. What is the comfort zone? In simple words, it is a place […]

What is holding me back to start a business? – A bad advice

Reading Time: 2 minutes A Bad Advice: Many people these days are keen to start a business startup or to start some part time blogging or affiliate marketing to earns some extra passive income. Everybody around us today is well aware of the fact that “survival is hard without multi-streams of income” but still 98% of them don’t dare to […]

GST – International Scenario

Reading Time: 5 minutes GST – International Scenario: GST was first introduced in France and now more than 150 countries have introduced GST. Most of the countries, depending on their own socio-economic formation, have introduced National level GST or Dual GST. India has Dual GST. We have discussed below key features of GST prevalent in some of the countries. […]

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Make aware the youth in India about SME as well as Online/Digital Entrepreneurship and its power, potential, opportunities to strengthen Indian Economy to compete on Global Platform.


Mobilizing, equipping, training, young new entrepreneurs/ startups through professional guidance and mentoring to establish them to setup their own SSI units (Offline Businesses) or Online Businesses and earn living/status in market place/local community and generate multiple job opportunities for local, state and at the National level as well as at the Global platform.

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As an expert Strategic Faculty for Business and Startups in “entrepreneurship, planning, finance and projections” by Ministry of MSME (Government of India)

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