Excuses Are Like Thieves for Entrepreneur

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My Champion Friend, through this post, Excuses Are Like Thieves For Entrepreneur, I’m going to share a pearl of extraordinary wisdom which I received from years of hard work, efforts, multiple attempts & finally success!!!

I would love to share this as a token of appreciation that you stand for your decision to become an entrepreneur.

I want you to know this at the beginning of your career. It will help you to move strongly as an entrepreneur.

Hey Champion, let’s understand the dictionary meaning of these two terms first Excuse & Thief:

Excuse: (noun) A defense of some offensive behavior or some failure to keep a promise etc. (verb) Defend, explain, clear away, or make excuses for by reasoning


Thief: (noun) A criminal who takes property belonging to someone else with the intention of keeping it or selling it

So, let’s understand this, as per the definitions, Excuses are a defense of some “offensive behavior” and so on.

What is offensive behavior?

Look, I always say, entrepreneurship is a responsibility, it has hardships as well. As an entrepreneur “laziness or sluggardliness” is an offense.

But how can we become lazy oy slug as an entrepreneur? What is the connection between excuses and laziness?

Great, you are very smart, it is easy to understand when we start making excuses to hide our failures, defects, trends, etc. and even past success also encourages us to make excuses to not to adopt new trends or technology. It slowly enters into our behavior or become a part of our character.

It is extremely dangerous. Later this simple thing is enough to ruin multi-billion-dollar empires. There are many examples out there. Kodak had an excuse, Nokia as well and many companies vanished due to this.

Now, let’s understand how these excuses become the thief of your business profits, goodwill, happiness, prosperity, and name-fame etc.?

When any responsible person like you starts making excuses (in our case entrepreneurs), you immediately fall into the pit where you can’t see even a single opportunity coming your way!

Excuses Are Like Thieves For Entrepreneur

Understand this with an example:

An entrepreneur has only limited people or institutions to make excuse with. Which includes investors, bankers, lenders, sellers and the major one clients/customers…

When you make an excuse to these big guys, they immediate figure out that they are being cheated (they have the right to know the real facts) or something is trying to hide from them.

They immediately or slowly lose their trust in you and you may lose your entire goodwill or business as a result. They don’t give you ever another chance at all for using this thief named excuse! Watch out Champion!

Have you ever been in this situation or faced this?

As a serial entrepreneur, I can understand, my friend, there are “n-number” (some favorable and some unfavorable) of situations we face as an entrepreneur during the entire economic process, but we always have only two ways to communicate our problems/situations to these associated people.

  1. Make excuse and lose everything, WHAT!!!
  2. Tell them the real reason behind it and win their trust. Very simple!

There are even more dangerous things we do in our entrepreneurial journey! Here I would love to share two similar proverbs from the Bible with you. These proverbs are exactly explaining about this thief wrapped in excuses!

The sluggard says, there is a lion outside! I shall be slain in the streets!Proverbs 22:13

The sluggard says, there is a lion in the way! Lion in the streets!Proverbs 26:13

Let’s break it according to this post!

  • The sluggard is an “Entrepreneur”
  • Lion is an “Excuse or foreseen-assumed problem”
  • In Street is “Outer court of the comfort zone!”

Here, Sluggard is entrepreneur which later become a slug or lazy by making excuses, who is fearful with the presence of lion out there (which is easiness) or beyond comfort zone!

Champion you must understand this secret:

When success comes! It is the most beautiful and enjoyable period for an entrepreneur’s journey. But the fear of the loss of this success converts them into excuse-makers or lazy.

It is a general scenario. 80% of first-generation entrepreneurs get trapped by this thief!

If you really want something you will find a way, if you don’t you will find an Excuse!

As a businessman, I learned this thing early in my career that “stop making excuses and rather not wasting time into things which already passed away and now not in my control.” Forget about past events & figure out the next possible opportunity.

This piece of WISDOM rewarded me with many million-dollar opportunities right after countless efforts and attempts.

I don’t give any glory to failures, failure is when I refuse to stand again!” ~ Rajiv Chand

Conclusion: Face the difficult things coming your way. Never hide your problems behind the excuses! It will help you build your character, credibility, and goodwill for the long run.

Note: As this is a short article series, let me finish this post here! In the future, I will surely share more wisdom full content over this matter.

What is your opinion about it? In which situation you are? Discuss that problem with me! I’m here for you only and would love you help you.


What do you say?

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