Entrepreneurs – Plan Your Day In Advance

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Next Day Planning:

In my previous post, I shared some insights on “Power of time” which leads to friendship with time.

Here I will share, why we need to plan our day in advance? This post is a must-read for first-generation entrepreneurs, startup owners, students and your inner circle as well.

My Special Friend look:

Struggling with time is very common among us. People are hustling with time and time always play hide and seek with those hustlers!!! Am I right? Probably it applies to you as well.

I was also in this situation since I know I am!!! I’d desperately tried a lot to run ahead of time but all was in vain…

When I started my first business, time was the biggest enemy (I always thought so) for me.

After so much of struggle, one day I remembered my “CA internship days” and cracked the code to ‘make time on my side’ or ‘friendship with time formula’ from the same day that code became my profit making “intangible asset” (obviously I am not going to show it with GOODWILL in my balance sheet).

What was that code?

Ok, I remembered that my CA boss always carries “to do lists” along with him every day.
He prepares his next day before sleep and does accordingly next day.
He had enough work for all the interns and employees. Even though he was on abroad tour, he sent his “to do lists” every single day by emails.

Quickly I applied this into my scheduling and immediately found great results from the very first day.

Note: I prepared to do lists but it was occasional before facing the real world with solo accountability.

Since I started “planning” my day prior to it, till date gives me enough confidence to take the next task of the day with a “winner’s attitude” and this “time” started rewarding me since then.

Now, with a small step (planing with the to-do list) I have a powerful hustler FRIEND which can turnaround everything i.e. TIME… If you are also struggling with these situations apply it immediately.

How would you do it?

1. Before going to sleep every day (night)-Take 15-20 mins separate.
2. Take your diary (it will be good if it is a planner)
3. Plan your “NEXT DAY” on paper
4. Priority to the general task (don’t make it mumble jumble-be specific)
5. Bound it with “time specific”
Important: Plan your waking up habits (will share its importance in future posts).

As a serial entrepreneur with 8 businesses(more to add), I know how powerful it is to sailing with time!!! It will make you powerful and invincible.

So, my friend what do you say about this short post?

Comment below & share with your fellow friends or business friends and also with those who are struggling and failing with knowing this time factor!!!

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