‘Basics’ Are Life Saver For Entrepreneurs

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Basics can save you if you understand the value of it.

New entrants in any industry always ignore the basics and fall under the traps of self-disrespect, distress, discouragement and fatal #failure !!!

Why So?

What I observed is ‘they have different psychology and they always be in hurry mode!!!’ They want to achieve everything before its time or its maturity.

What’s wrong with it?

Everything that you may imagine!!! Look, there are basic laws that nature has fixed and bound humanity to it. Whichever thing exists around you is a result of BASICS process.


1. You can read and write Hindi or English, how? Because of its basic varnmala (वर्णमाला) or alphabets. It applies to each language that exists on earth. We learn alphabets later we combine those and form a word, word to sentence and so on.
2. Basic of life on earth is the SUN. It’s position and distance, further basic laws of physics, chemistry, and biology.

Same as everything and every process have basics, so as entrepreneurship have basics too.

If you want to become successful in your business, startup, blogging, online business, digital marketing, affiliate marketing, drop-shipping or trying to generate passive income etc. in short, your entrepreneurial journey.

You must have to stick with the basics of your industry and its process. Remember there are no shortcuts for anything on earth. We must complete it from beginning to end.

How can we stick to basics, as there is so much competition?

This is the best opportunity, I must say. How? Everybody out there is thinking like this; so they compromise on everything they offer. Means, an entrepreneur who is well trained can easily bag huge profits by adding values to customers. Basics here is ‘customer’s satisfaction.’

Million Dollar Advice for you:

“Whenever you struck anywhere, close your eyes and look at nature. You will find solutions immediately.”

Business people are very sensitive to ‘nature’ and learn from it. I am too in this #league.

I found this wisdom in my school days which later helped me immensely in my entrepreneurial journey!!!

Whenever I struck on anything, I focus on the management system of #nature for the solutions!!!

God has placed everything strategically to learn from. We need to figure it out.

And this is a powerful key to unlock treasures!!!

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