Our Nation Our Responsibility™

"The Golden Future of any country rests on the Young, Strong and Responsible shoulders of its youth!" ~ Rajiv Chand

About The Initiative


Our Nation ● Our Responsibility™is an initiative to aware "Young India" about the urgency of their courage and contributions to nation building.


What kind of urgency?


"As we all know that India is a second largest country in terms of POPULATION!" Huge populations demands huge resources! These resources includes everything around us from Basic Needs to Luxury!Means only a strong Economy can fulfill all these requirements.Although managing all these resources for huge population is a challenge itself and demands huge support from the citizens.So we have to support our country to build a strong economy with our talent(s).


Root Cause of This Urgency...


Young population of India is 34.33% approx. out of 1.37 Billion population!


"Job Only" Mindset

We have inherited mechanism which generally encourages and pushes us to build our future safely and securely in this extreme dynamic era. That mechanism is a "Job Only Mindset" which is inherited from our parents. It was justified when the population of India was not like today and we have also had fewer opportunities. Indian parents must need to understand and accept this reality as well as also they must encourage their children for "Startups & Entrepreneurship".
"Jobs Required/Month" - World Bank

Massive Unemployment

Due to the "job only mindset" our young India is standing in the lines to find any job for a living. They are completely ignoring the fact that the jobs are limited in Govt. sector (2% approx. capacity) and the private sectors (44% approx. capacity) to the ratio of the current population of India. Results are in front of us as a "Massive Unemployment". Lack of "SKILLS & PRACTICAL" knowledge is also an another culprit.
Unemployment Rate

Less Jobs Providers

Where are the job providers? Why we are struggling to generate jobs for young citizens of India? A big question WHY? Actually they are into the job lines out there along with job seekers! We as a nation need (Urgency!) the innovation of young minds and risk-takers to compete on the global economy. When Young India will come out together with innovative ideas and passion to strengthen the Indian economy, there would be sufficient jobs for job seekers, etc.
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Economic Slowdown

The economy is all about transactions! When Person A spends his/her earned money to purchase any product or service from Person B; that amount is your expense but on the other hand, it is someone's INCOME! It is also called a complete transaction as well.Technically it is directly connected with any individual's Purchasing Power. So, if any individual (whether unemployed or under-employed) has less purchasing power, he/she will spend less or avoid; and on macro-level this scenario is known as Economic Slowdown!

So What we are up to?



Talk Less Do More...


"A small contribution brings massive changes, reforms and evolution around us." ~ Rajiv Chand


Under this initiative, we want to "aware as much as people of India about the urgency we are facing as a country, and the need of their contribution to resolve it."


By visiting villages, towns, cities, UTs, and various States of India to meet among different people by the medium of distinct awareness campaigns like workshops, face to face sessions, chopal meetings and digital campaigns etc.

Words are nothing without execution!

We are core heartily believe in execution, rather than just uttering words to impress masses. So we "talk less & do more..." Most of the times we witness people around us understands the real problems better than someone else! But they only watch it, comment over it and later moves on becoming neutral without solving those problems. We, under the expert guidance of Rajiv Chand, are committed to strengthen our Indian economy by awareing, equipping, mobilizing maximum people across India.

“Unless we all get organised and put together our Skills, Capabilities, Capacities and Distinct Strengths for the overall development of India, the development of any Person, Community, Society, State and our country is impossible.” ~ Rajiv Chand

Catalystic Entrepreneurship Awareness Campaign 2019
Catalystic Entrepreneurship Awareness Campaign 2019_Uttar Pradesh
"I am very much impressed! Rajiv has a soft spot for India; having accomplished those feats, I was expecting to see an old person. But he is such a young warrior."
Robert Kiyosaki

Robert Kiyosaki

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