Life is NOT Easy_Get ready to confront it

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Life is NOT easy…

Thank you for all your Prayers & Patience…

 “Life is not easy, when it is dedicated and belongs to a great Nation for a cause.” Rajiv
Since I left my comfort zone in 2005 above quote has become my synonymous. I was absent in all major events of my life. Lots of family members, close friends left behind. But I know there is a point on the horizon where Earth and sky meet together!!!” As this is a start of New Financial Year for its start, as usual, I was missing!!! from 24th March 2017. This Year Ending was a big challenge so far!!! As our Central Govt. took huge steps for the betterment of Indian economy. All back-end burden came upon the Chartered Accountants and their fellow associates. Woooooooaaaaaaaa!!! Anyhow… The final days of the year ending 2017 were very hectic as well as came with huge rewards, recognition & challenges…!!! I will be back to routine after Statutory reporting… Till then have patience and enjoy whatever in front of you GOOD or WORST…!!!
Out of hectic financial routine last two week, here I am sharing a special day i.e. March 25, 2017, since then I was missing 🙂!!!

Some clicked memories at the event:

I will explain all about the event some other day. Enjoy some pictures of the event below!!!

BRICS International Conclave_MSME_A Life time opportunity
At BRICS Internation Conclave (Center: Shri R K Panigrahi Director, MSME-DI)


It was an honor being there at the BRICS International Conclave by a special invitation from the authorities. Met awesome women Entrepreneurs there. They all have inspirational testimonials that How they came out of taboo of typical Indian woman to a powerful women Industry leader.
BRICS International Conclave_MSME_A Life time opportunity
Shri Vijay Goel (Minister of Youth Affairs and Sports) distributing “Industry/Indian Women Excellence Leadership Awards. At his right Mrs. Universe 2016 in the white dress.
BRICS International Conclave_MSME_A Life time opportunity
With my Dynamic MSME Assistant Director Shri Karun Kumar Ji, front VIP row.


BRICS International Conclave_MSME_A Life time opportunity
On panel Mrs. Shabnam Singh mother of Yuvraj Singh, sharing the Yuvraj’s survival of cancer!!! Very Strong lady. Now helping cancer patients to for their fight against cancer…
So, Life is not easy, but life provides opportunities beyond our imaginations that helps us to better understand hidden codes of LIFE!!!

Thank you for your precious time.

Take Care, talk to you soon.

Never miss a single opportunity that came into your way to enjoy life…