One-on-one Consultancy

There are actually 3 ways to work with me. My clients have found these methods to be incredibly instrumental in their growth and business scaling.


1. Spend A Day With Me – LIVE (In Person)

This is one of my most preferred methods for providing consulting. When we are face-to-face, we just get a lot more done. You are welcome to bring your team with you as well.

There will be some exercises we ask you to go through beforehand. That way, we’ll all be better prepared for the meeting!

We will spend 8-10 hours together, dedicated to your business. Typically, I find this to be more than enough. However, if you want to book a 2nd day to get the most out of our time, we offer that as well. When my assistant contacts you, just inform her that you would like 2 days.

2 Have A Quick Question? Consultation By The Hour

Sometimes our clients just want help in a very specific area of their business. If this is the case, you may find it better to simply reserve time with me for a few hours – we can do all of this virtually!

If you are looking to simply boost a specific area of your business, I recommend going with our hourly consultation plan and upgrading yourself when ready!

3 Full Access – LIVE & Phone Coaching

This is by far our most popular plan. If you are in the process of scaling your business, conducting a product launch – we highly recommend you consider this plan. In this plan, you get to spend 2 entire days with me LIVE (in person).