What is holding me back to start a business? – A bad advice

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A Bad Advice:

Many people these days are keen to start a business startup or to start some part time blogging or affiliate marketing to earns some extra passive income.

Everybody around us today is well aware of the fact that “survival is hard without multi-streams of income” but still 98% of them don’t dare to step out.

Where is the problem then?

Let me share it out of my experience in this regard:
“After observing approximately 70k+ people in my speaking, consulting and one-on-one sessions; I have found only one problem with them all i.e. They were all possessed with a #badadvice.

Example (somebody told them that):
1. You can’t do this and that…
2. You are not capable to handle…
3. You can’t do business…
4. Have a secure #Job…
5. Don’t invest in…
6. Don’t go for business, economies are not good…
7. That’s impossible
8. If you or your idea 💡 failed, then what will you do or people say…


9. The biggest one: “Think Positive

When I asked them, who were they? Whether they are qualified to advice you? I found the deadliest answer:

1. They were their friends, family, relatives etc.

2. They had “Zero experiences” about something new or business.

3. What if, when someone took bad decisions in his/her business and later it attracts huge losses or statutory penalties?

My question to you is:

Can positive thinking restore the losses or goodwill?

My million dollar advice for you is:

Think like an #entrepreneur, not like a philosopher for your financial freedom!!!

Always live in the real world if you want to succeed in your entrepreneurial journey.

Look, my friend, I am also like you (not a superhuman):
I was also overwhelmed by the above mentioned “Bad Advice(s)”


When I started my entrepreneurial journey; on the very first day, I decided only one thing (my success mantra):

“I will only take advice from those who have achieved success into their respective fields.”

Figure: Always be surrounded by the like-minded and experienced people who nurture you with their zeal and wisdom.

Today I’ve 8 businesses, 3 National & 5 Global (and yet more to come). I started all this with just ₹ 26/- in hand.

It become possible with a handsome amount of “good piece of advice” from my mother, father, and my mentors.

So, my dear friend today I would like to encourage you (Yes you!!!) with this;

“no matter what, always take advice from the person who already has proved him/herself in their respective field.”

It will help you to




This is Rajiv your #passion_journey partner!!!

If you have any question regarding this post or your situation, feel free to ask in the comment section. I would love to help you.